BenefitFeed is a powerful new tool in our efforts to engage parents and break the cycle of poverty. Essentially a Facebook for parents centered upon their children and their functional lives, BenefitFeed makes it easier for parents to engage with their children’s education and easier for educators and social workers to engage with parents.  BenefitFeed will help build a community of parents sharing support and suggestions on navigating the challenges of life, an ongoing conversation on how to raise healthy, successful children.

Leveraging the Power of the Curated Newsfeed

The genius of Facebook and the curated newsfeed is that it presents information to you in one place, instead of making you go out to different places to look for it.  This convenience gets people in the habit of coming to the newsfeed for something of interest, and once there scrolling to see more.  Each posting helps build an online community, a further draw to visit the newsfeed.

Making Life Easier for Parents

By aggregating the “touch points” of a parent’s life – their children’s grades, updates on after school programs, church, public assistance, etc. – into the newsfeed, BenefitFeed makes it easier for parents to keep up with what is going on in their children’s education and afterschool programs, easier for parents to engage and communicate with teachers and social workers.

Organizing the Ecosystem for Shared Benefit

BenefitFeed doesn’t change the ecosystem of education or support – it doesn’t replace anything we are currently doing.  Instead, it organizes the ecosystem, pulling together communications from many different sources into a single, easy to use newsfeed.  As parents use the newsfeed, all program providers realize better communications and engagement.

Building a Sense of Community

Too often economically challenged parents feel they are in this alone, that the odds are such that success isn’t possible.  BenefitFeed helps create an ongoing conversation of parents dealing with the same life situations, trading tips and offering encouragement, highlighting and celebrating the victories.  BenefitFeed helps make the Village stronger.

A Tool to Collect Data

Educators and social workers often lack visibility into the lives of students outside of their school or program.  BenefitFeed, while communicating information from different programs, is also capturing meta-data on the programs and activities of the family and their children. Within privacy guidelines, BenefitFeed will help educators and social workers build a growing understanding of the lives of their parents and children.

An Accelerant for Existing Efforts

BenefitFeed doesn’t replace any of our existing educational and social service efforts.  Instead, it helps existing programs reach more people, more effectively, leveraging existing program touch points to create engagement that social workers can use to promote positive outcomes.  By organizing the eco-system, BenefitFeed helps focus its impact to help parents take greater control of their children’s future.

Are you ready to engage?